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As a traditional martial art, lessons at White Dragon schools are meant to reflect the intense type of training that took place in eastern/Chinese monasteries centuries ago. The training is designed to challenge and push students to their limits in order to help them on their journey to strengthen the mind, body and spirit. Lessons are demanding and intense, yet fun, energetic and educational. At White Dragon, we do not create separate curriculums for men and women. We treat each student as a “practitioner” and thus hold everyone to the same standard. Our teachers work with students individually to help them meet those standards.

The skills you’ll learn at White Dragon include striking, blocking, kicking combinations, traditional animal forms, weapons training, real-world self-defense application, different types of competitive fighting, meditation, and much more. In addition, you’ll learn to train with the kind of discipline and self-confidence that will push you to want to continually grow and seek to better your practice. You won’t just learn to train for Kung Fu—you’ll learn to train for life.

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The schools listed below are the only authorized schools in Colorado to teach authentic White Dragon martial arts. All schools are independently owned and operated, so contact the school nearest you for costs and class times.


12150 W. 44th Ave. #101
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(303) 431-9019

I have no martial arts experience, how do I start?

It’s our goal to help you build confidence from the moment you start your very first class as a Kung Fu practitioner. All White Dragon schools offer an introductory course to help you quickly gain the basic skills you’ll need to start you on your way to a successful and personally enriching Kung Fu practice. We are here to help you reach your individual goals.

What is the rank structure of Kung Fu?

In White Dragon style, there are 10 lower levels (students) and 10 higher levels (black belts). You never stop learning and training to better yourself at White Dragon.

Who are the teachers?

We hold our teachers to an extremely high standard, so you can be sure you will get the best training out there. All White Dragon teachers  must undergo a minimum of eight years of intensive, specialized training in the applications and theories of this art before opening a school. It is our goal to provide you professional education in traditional Chinese martial arts and its customs.  We are devoted to the preservation of this art which has been handed down for generations. And we refuse to sacrifice the standards that were established years ago.