The schools listed below are the only authorized schools in Colorado to teach authentic White Dragon martial arts. All schools are independently owned and operated, so contact the school nearest you for costs and class times. Click the button below to join us in a personal search for wisdom and understanding by learning to properly use the natural tools we all possess.


12150 W. 44th Ave. #101
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
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Kung Fu-anything accomplished with time and effort

  The martial art of kung fu emerged from China over fifteen hundred years ago, or perhaps even earlier. According to the vague history with which we are left it appears that a saint from India, by the name of Bodhidharma came to China in the fourth century to aid the Taoist monks at the Shaolin monastery. He produced for them a sequence of tensing and breathing exercises which the monks later developed into combat movements to defend themselves from bandits.

In time the monks learned to copy the movements of wild animals to refine their combat and as a form of meditation for merging the mind with nature, learning natural law. These monks would travel all over China exchanging this knowledge with others. Over the next several centuries Chinese martial arts would change and grow and many different techniques would be created and perfected. During this period many different styles of kung fu were created.

One of these styles was White Dragon Fist Style or as it is known in Chinese, Pai Te' Lung Ch'uan Shih Yang. Today, kung fu has been made popular in the United States, Everyone knows a song or two, has seen more than one movie about kung fu and there are many schools. Much of this bears little resemblance to real kung fu and teaches nothing about the challenge to ones body, mind, and spirit that it offers.

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