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From the time you enter a White Dragon school, you will see there is something different and unique about the way we train. Our curriculum is structured to teach your child to truly understand what a martial art is. You will feel confident that the time and dedication our teachers put into the training of your child is going to teach them skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. Your child will learn the basics of training a traditional martial art, including punching, blocking, kicking and other basic fighting and self-defense techniques. These skills are simply an introduction to teach the student confidence, discipline, control, and respect.

White Dragon children must also learn meditation. Meditation practice will teach your child how to improve concentration and focus in all aspects of their lives, not just in their kung fu training.  Self-defense is taught the same for both children and adults—with a realistic, hands-on approach. Weapons training is also a mandatory part of the children’s curriculum. Allowing young students to experience training with weapons teaches them to respect these weapons and to understand that they are not toys. Each aspect of the White Dragon children’s training program is designed to help a child take these all of these invaluable skills into adulthood.

Need Need more information?

The schools listed below are the only authorized schools in Colorado to teach authentic White Dragon martial arts. All schools are independently owned and operated, so contact the school nearest you for costs and class times.


12150 W. 44th Ave. #101
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(303) 431-9019

What is the difference between Kung Fu and Karate?

In simple terms most Kung Fu styles are more circular and fluid in their movements, while Karate is more rigid. But there are also differences in the history, philosophy, and teaching methods of the two arts. In order to truly understand the differences between each martial art, a student needs extensive training in each to see the variations.

What kind of uniform does my child need?

The traditional and unique White Dragon Kung Fu uniform (saam) is required for training. This includes saam pants, shirt, saam jacket, and an appropriate sash representing the students rank. Uniforms can be purchased at all Colorado White Dragon schools.

How long does it take to get a black belt?

This question can only be answered in terms of the student’s self-discipline and dedication to their practice. Our students take great pride in knowing they have earned their rank and have not simply “paid” for it. We hold all students to the same standards, whether they are children or adults. With dedication and practice, your child will know they have truly earned each and every rank as they progress toward their black belt, and they will understand that the belt is not the goal of their training. The belt is a representation of the skills they have mastered.