The schools listed below are the only authorized schools in Colorado to teach authentic White Dragon martial arts. All schools are independently owned and operated, so contact the school nearest you for costs and class times. Click the button below to join us in a personal search for wisdom and understanding by learning to properly use the natural tools we all possess.


12150 W. 44th Ave. #101
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(303) 431-9019

Chinese Kempo

Five Animal Chinese Kempo is another very traditional style of martial art taught at any of our four locations of White Dragon schools. This system is based on the movements of the TIGER, LEOPARD, SNAKE, CRANE, and DRAGON. Each of these styles are unique and pose certain challenges to the practitioner. Students will learn the traditional forms and the application of self defense associated with these forms, and several traditional weapons. Most importantly, students learn the value of a traditional style of training. One of our highly skilled teachers will develop a course of instruction to best suit your needs. All it takes is a willingness and desire to learn on your part.

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